Kukumbuka nyumbani

Just the day before I left home my niece had this wonderful idea of letting people of Kenya know where I spent the last few weeks.

My niece Manuela, her mother Ann and my mother, who at her age of 97 still enjoys good health and continues “controlling” everything and everybody around her.

Almost 300 years ago this house was build in which I was born, the 8th of nine children. At the time of my grandfather 16 babies filled the air with their first cries. (All 16 of the same mother!!!)

Almost 60 years back my parents started to build this house (the front one) next to the old one as a retirement home. And now I am living in the ground floor, my mother occupies the first floor and the top is reserved for visitors.

My brother Peter is continuing with the old tradition of farming in this mountainous region of Tyrol.

Animals and people live under the same roof. The four cows of my brother give some 45 liters of milk every day and the 10 chicken produce almost 60 eggs per week. Grazing animals is only between the month of May until end of October possible, thus the upper part of the farmhouse is storage place for hey.

This simple electric fence prevents the cows to graze where they are not supposed to eat the grass (of the shamba ya jirani). It is easy to handle and a battery provides the power for months.

A view towards the other side of the valley and mountain range

The daughter Eva (sitting on the balcony) of my nice Manuela likes to visit her granduncle with her friends.

This very modern style house of the son of my Sister in law gives an impression of new ways of thinking and building nowadays.

At the age of 23 my nephew Martin who is a mechanic started to build this house providing a warm and cozy atmosphere for his lovely wife Maria and their son Simon.

The centre of every village is the Church and faith is flowering more in actions than in words.